Disrupting the World’s Approach to Business Transformation

...Leveraging New Technologies (Blockchain and AI)


Via a collective of leading international experts, Criterium specialises in Business Transformation and leveraging new technologies (Blockchain, AI) to drive efficiencies, build self-sufficient communities and support international brands in sharing their values and authenticity with a global audience.


A Unique 'Bottom-up' Approach to Transformation


Transforming organisations by taking ‘off-the shelf’ tech solutions and imposing these on a business from the ‘top downwards’ is a tired approach in today’s world!


We start by understanding people and processes from the ‘bottom up’ and applying those deep learnings to disrupting and transforming traditional ways of working be it in Supply Chain, Healthcare, Finance, Charities or Education.


Focus on implementation – helping businesses start the transformation process

Working with established businesses and start-ups, we help companies to cut through the complexities of onboarding new business processes.  


Whilst a clear, structured long term company vision is vital to business change, most projects in this area lose momentum as the focus is on the end goal and not identifying an initial, faster and lower investment ‘entry point’ for new technology, typically via an MVP/ Proof of Concept.

We have brought together a collective of internationally recognised specialists across Finance, Payment Systems, Supply Chain, Real Estate, Legal, Asset Management, Education and Healthcare (amongst others) and, coupled with our own remote team with specialists in Blockchain and AI, are able to help businesses drive fast implementation of change projects from a low cost base.  

Amongst the issues that we are currently reviewing are:-

•    Outcomes-based Pricing in Healthcare
•    Value-based Procurement in Supply Chain
•    Food Supply Chain Management

•    Digital Certification in Education (and amongst other Certification Bodies)

•    Shariah Compliant Payment Systems (including payments in the Charity sector)

Our Key Technologies
Hyperledger Fabric
R3 Corda
Hyperledger Sawtooth
Sectors/Use cases

Healthcare - Implementing Value-based Pricing in Global Healthcare systems

Finance - Negotiating and signing contracts on blockchain to eliminate the need for trust

Real Estate - Storing Land Registry documents on blockchain to mitigate against mortgage fraud

Energy - Bringing transparency to the provenance of energy generation

Insurance - Automating insurance claims using smart contracts on blockchain

Media - Verifying and protecting copyright and ownership

Retail - Increasing consumer trust by verifying brands' proof of provenance 

Getting Started - Cutting through the Complexity


 Understand business issues and show how new technology can build brands, increase transparency and drive efficiencies


We translate the discussion into a proposal with a clear roadmap, timelines and costs


We then put together expert teams to implement projects within shorter timescales and at lower levels of investment

Vivek Jindal

Founder & Director


A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency specialist, Vivek has worked on researching and implementing new systems for over a decade both in UK and abroad.


In addition, Vivek has worked with different industries including finance to create bespoke solutions to capture and report data to drive business improvement.

Vivek has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Eng and spends his spare time researching  Blockchain and new tech.

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John Waite

Co-Founder & Director


A specialist in Business Change, showing how new technologies (Blockchain, AI) can be leveraged to disrupt traditional industries, drive efficiencies, build self-sufficient communities and support international brands in sharing their values/authenticity with a global audience.​


John is a graduate of Aston University’s Business School and has a strong interest in how Blockchain can be used to rebuild public confidence in global institutions.

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Julian Fifield

Lead Consultant

A leading international specialist in Business Transformation and applying new technologies to the disruption of industry practices across Supply Chain, Healthcare, Agriculture and Telecoms.


Julian was the programme lead for one of 2019’s largest Blockchain projects in Supply Chain and was instrumental in researching, designing and building a unique Meat Food Supply Chain capability on Blockchain for a global commercial roll out in 2020/2021.

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