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Drivers  of  Disruptive  Business  Change

Leveraging AI and Blockchain Technology

Criterium is a boutique agency specialising in leveraging AI and Blockchain technology as a driver of "disruptive" business change.

A  Unique  "Bottom-up"  Approach  to  Transformation


Organisational change utilising "off-the shelf" technology solutions and applying these to a business from the "top downwards" is yesterday's approach to transformation!


We start by understanding people, processes and business pain-points from the "bottom up" and apply those deep learnings to Solutions Design, disrupting and transforming traditional ways of working be it in Supply Chain, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Food & Drink or Retail.

Our  Key  Points  of  Difference

  • Real-world AI and Blockchain Delivery - we cut through the hype and theoretical "talk" surrounding AI and Blockchain to deliver solutions based on successfully completed business change projects in the last 6 years

  • De-risking Implementation  -  we show people that onboarding AI and Blockchain does not involve big budgets, new infrastructure or complex integration.  It's all about getting started, rapid prototyping to show people the benefits of new tech...and only then SCALING UP.



The biggest barrier to business change and technology adoption is the perceived level of risk involved, with the misconception that it will require a 6 or 7-figure investment, large-scale infrastructure and disruption caused by the internal integration of a new application.


Criterium's Rapid and Low Investment Start Programme


We dispel those perceptions by showing that AI and Blockchain adoption can have a rapid, low investment start point in the organisation which provides - within a typical 4-5 month timeline - visible proof of these technologies' long-term benefits before scaling up.


With a focus on reducing complexity, our Start Programme comprises three distinct phases:

Getting Started: a "De-risked" Approach to AI and Blockchain Technology Implementation

Step 1:  Discovery (4-6 weeks)

A review of people and processes as a basis for hypothesing transformative operating and commercial models

Getting Started

Step 2:  Prototyping (8-12 weeks)

Based on the discovery, a rapid proof of concept is built, giving internal stakeholders an early understanding of benefits AI and Blockchain can bring

Step 3:  Scaling Up

(timings decided Post Step-2)

Prototype platform trialled within a live environment with 2-3 key customers as a basis for scaling up

Team Meeting
Prototype Designer


Our Views on How Blockchain is Transforming Global Supply Chains...and read our latest one-sider!


Authenticity! Authenticity! Authenticity!...the critical mantra for

Supply Chain Transformation in 2023/24


Why proving product authenticity from the start of the supply chain is mission critical...


As a raft of new technologies emerge to establish provenance and maintain product visibility throughout the supply chain, we show that the critical start point for supply chain management is a focus on authenticity.  In short, establishing product authenticity at the source of production, enabled by technology, allows all parties across the value chain to have visibility and a tamperproof record of a “trusted” product. 


Once this layer of trust is created, this provides the foundation for driving efficiencies by stripping away expensive compliance regimes and the need for complex on-site inspections, audits, and record reconciliation.


Simply put, new technology is the enabler of track and trace via its ability to create an immutable product record but unless time and effort is spent up-front on authenticating the product at source, what the supply chain is effectively perpetuating is simply a pale version of the truth.


Unpacking Product Authentication Factors 


The process of authentication starts by unpacking the factors, layers and data points that establish each product’s unique identity; a practice we are all familiar with when logging into a website to confirm our own personal identity.  It starts with us providing a user name and password and then dependent on the service being accessed, a process of multi-factor authentication kicks in which might include a time-based one-time password or SMS text message with a code.


Work undertaken in the US and UK on Meat Supply Chains by Criterium and its partners puts this into further context for the authentication of, for example, beef and beef protein.  At a macro level, multiple factors were central to establishing product provenance, namely location, the animal’s DNA, a hoofprint which were layered  into individual authentication factors:-


  • Location:  the GPS location of the animal 

  • Animal  : The cattle’s DNA  "hoofprint"

  • Regulatory data points eg Farm location and ID 


Authentication can follow a staged process, that is to say, you start simply with factors within the business today, and then over time look to overlay additional properties that uniquely identify the product and cannot be falsified. For example in the case of beef, facial recognition of cattle and other enhanced profiling techniques can be utilised as they become available.

2 minute Read
Blockchain a gamechanger in Supply Chain

Our Key Blockchain Technologies
Hyperledger Fabric
R3 Corda
Hyperledger Sawtooth
Sectors/Use cases
small backgroung.png

Healthcare - Implementing Value-based Pricing in Global Healthcare systems

Finance - Negotiating and signing contracts on blockchain to eliminate the need for trust

Real Estate - Storing Land Registry documents on blockchain to mitigate against mortgage fraud

Energy - Bringing transparency to the provenance of energy generation

Insurance - Automating insurance claims using smart contracts on blockchain

Media - Verifying and protecting copyright and ownership

Retail - Increasing consumer trust by verifying brands' proof of provenance 

The Team & Strategic Partners
JW photo.png
John Waite, Criterium

Co-Founder & Director


A specialist in Business Change, showing how new technologies (Blockchain, AI) can be leveraged to disrupt traditional industries, drive efficiencies, build self-sufficient communities and support international brands in sharing their values/authenticity with a global audience.​


John is a graduate of Aston University’s Business School and has a strong interest in how Blockchain can be used to rebuild public confidence in global institutions.

Criterium Solutions LinkedIn
Julian Fifield, Criterium
Dave Knifton
CEO - The Data Gym

Lead Consultant

A leading international specialist in Business Transformation and applying new technologies to the disruption of industry practices across Supply Chain, Healthcare, Agriculture and Telecoms.


Julian was the programme lead for one of 2019’s largest Blockchain projects in Supply Chain and was instrumental in researching, designing and building a unique Meat Food Supply Chain capability on Blockchain for a global commercial roll out in 2020/2021.

Data Strategy Partner

Ex-HSBC Head of Global Data Architecture, passionate about creating real benefit to businesses from their data and integrating delivery with the strategic direction

Working in partnership with Criterium to develop a unique integrated approach to data strategy across Data Capture, Curation, Data Semantics and Analytics leveraging Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning 

Criterium Solutions LinkedIn
Criterium Solutions LinkedIn
Contact Us
Contact us
Call John Waite: +44 - 7703 040079 | Email:
Address: Wellington House 273-275 High Street, London Colney, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, AL2 1HA
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