Drivers  of  Disruptive  Business  Change

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Criterium is a boutique agency specialising in leveraging Blockchain technology as a driver of "disruptive" business change.

A  Unique  "Bottom-up"  Approach  to  Transformation


Organisational change utilising "off-the shelf" tech solutions and applying these to a business from the "top downwards" is yesterday's approach to transformation!


We start by understanding people, processes and business pain-points from the "bottom up" and apply those deep learnings to Solutions Design, disrupting and transforming traditional ways of working be it in Supply Chain, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Food & Drink or Retail.

Our  Key  Points  of  Difference

  • Real-world Blockchain Delivery - we cut through the hype and theoretical "talk" surrounding Blockchain to deliver Blockchain-based solutions based on successfully completed business change projects in the last 3 years

  • De-risking Implementation  -  we show people that onboarding Blockchain does not involve big budgets, new infrastructure or complex integration.  It's all about getting started, rapid prototyping to show people the benefits of new tech...and only then SCALING UP.


Step 1:  Discovery (4-6 weeks)

A review of people and processes as a basis for hypothesing transformative operating and commercial models


The biggest barrier to business change and Blockchain technology adoption is the perceived level of risk involved, with the misconception that it will require a 6 or 7-figure investment, large-scale infrastructure and disruption caused by the internal integration of a new application.


Criterium's Rapid and Low Investment Start Programme


We dispel those perceptions by showing that Blockchain adoption can have a rapid, low investment start point in the organisation which provides - within a typical 4-5 month timeline - visible proof of Blockchain's long-term benefits before scaling up.


With a focus on reducing complexity, our Start Programme comprises three distinct phases:

Getting Started: a "De-risked" Approach to Blockchain Technology Implementation

Step 2:  Prototyping (8-12 weeks)

Based on the discovery, a rapid proof of concept is built, giving internal stakeholders an early understanding of benefits Blockchain can bring

Step 3:  Scaling Up

(timings decided Post Step-2)

Prototype platform trialled within a live environment with 2-3 key customers as a basis for scaling up

Team Meeting
Prototype Designer
Image by Bernd Klutsch

Read specialist consultancy Blockchain 101's report on Senior Supply Chain Managers' views on Blockchain

New Blockchain Report highlights growing importance of Blockchain in Supply Chain

Here's Our Take.

The central importance of global supply chains has both been reinforced and severely tested during the Covid era. 


Supply chain management is a key activity in global commerce. However, traditional supply chain management practices appear stagnant compared to the high-paced industry practices in the e- commerce and trade world, mainly due to the reliance on paper-based legacy systems. 


Blockchain offers increasingly  recognised tangible benefits to rethinking supply chains from the ground up.  They offer both a new way of collaborating and creating win-win relationships across value chains but also a tamper-proof way of meeting increasing society and consumer expectations about product  transparency traceability and provenance.


Unlike traditional technology or IT approaches, blockchain enables both rapid prototyping and piloting, enabling brands and companies to experiment and learn about new approaches. Its ability to link up with legacy systems too is helpful avoiding the need to debate sunk costs or infrastructure.

Creating a new tamper-proof transaction which has immutability at its heart also enables the potential integration of IOT, sensors, machine learning and new digital techniques with AI, leveraging digital assets to new levels of service and value.  


What Supply Chain professionals think


In November 2020, the specialist consultancy 101 Blockchains conducted an online survey with 180 Supply Chain professionals based in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.


These were the key findings and attitudes displayed by professionals within the study:

  • Traceability and provenance are top priorities for supply chains

  • Collection of trusted real time accurate data sharing comes a close second 

  • Supply chain managers suggest that the status quo approach won't suffice in a post-Covid world 

  • Sustainability and Carbon neutrality (and measurement via Blockchain) will be centre stage over the next period

  • Utilisation of both private and public blockchains will continue to rise

  • Mainstreaming of Blockchain is not yet realized but on a 3-5 year outlook, likely to be default

  • Huge opportunities for pilots, proofs of concept and mainstream projects   

Our Key Blockchain Technologies
Hyperledger Fabric
R3 Corda
Hyperledger Sawtooth
Sectors/Use cases

Healthcare - Implementing Value-based Pricing in Global Healthcare systems

Finance - Negotiating and signing contracts on blockchain to eliminate the need for trust

Real Estate - Storing Land Registry documents on blockchain to mitigate against mortgage fraud

Energy - Bringing transparency to the provenance of energy generation

Insurance - Automating insurance claims using smart contracts on blockchain

Media - Verifying and protecting copyright and ownership

Retail - Increasing consumer trust by verifying brands' proof of provenance 

Vivek Jindal

Founder & Director


A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency specialist, Vivek has worked on researching and implementing new systems for over a decade both in UK and abroad.


In addition, Vivek has worked with different industries including finance to create bespoke solutions to capture and report data to drive business improvement.

Vivek has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Eng and spends his spare time researching  Blockchain and new tech.

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JW photo.png
John Waite

Co-Founder & Director


A specialist in Business Change, showing how new technologies (Blockchain, AI) can be leveraged to disrupt traditional industries, drive efficiencies, build self-sufficient communities and support international brands in sharing their values/authenticity with a global audience.​


John is a graduate of Aston University’s Business School and has a strong interest in how Blockchain can be used to rebuild public confidence in global institutions.

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Julian Fifield

Lead Consultant

A leading international specialist in Business Transformation and applying new technologies to the disruption of industry practices across Supply Chain, Healthcare, Agriculture and Telecoms.


Julian was the programme lead for one of 2019’s largest Blockchain projects in Supply Chain and was instrumental in researching, designing and building a unique Meat Food Supply Chain capability on Blockchain for a global commercial roll out in 2020/2021.

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